Motivated engineers
are a special breed.
They bring the best ideas to the table, because they try new things. They help peers grow, by doing higher-quality work that inspires. Employers want to support their most motivated engineers.
CodeCrafters Expense
Got an L&D Stipend?
Many companies have a fixed annual stipend per engineer (e.g. $2,000) for use towards learning resources. A non-exhaustive list of companies is maintained here.
If your company offers this stipend, you can forward them your CodeCrafters invoice directly for reimbursement. If you require custom information to be added to your invoice (e.g company name), you can enter them in-app during checkout.
No Fixed Stipend?
At some companies, you may require manager approval. If you’re looking for a way to frame the request to your manager, here’s a template you can use:

Hey @manager,

I’d love to join CodeCrafters.

It's a YC-backed website used by engineers at Google, GitHub, Stripe, etc to hone their programming craft — by building projects that encourage you to dive deeper into your development toolkit (e.g Build your own Git, in Rust).

A few highlights about their projects:

  • Can be done in any language. I intend to do them in Rust, since it’s what we use at work.
  • Self-paced and clearly broken down. Saves me a ton of time than if I did them solo.
  • You get to learn from others who do the projects (often very experienced devs).

If you like, you can review an example project here. I think CodeCrafters challenges will help me hone my craft, and improve the quality of my work.

It costs $PRICE. Would you be opposed to me expensing this?