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The Redis challenge was extremely fun. I ended up having to read the Redis Protocol specification doc pretty carefully in its entirety! The result felt like lightly-guided independent study, if that makes sense. (Which, again, was lots of fun) Charles Guo Found out about CodeCrafters from a colleague. It's a tutorial site that has you build your own version of things like Git and Docker from scratch. Seems like a cool way to build a stronger mental model of how those tools work. Beyang Liu Huge fan of "build your own x". Really glad there's a nicely polished challenge site for them. Definitely going to recommend to others! John Olheiser It is great to see this kind of a platform evolving which is entirely different from the traditional coding platforms which we see typically see on internet. Asnim P Ansari I've started the Docker challenge, enjoying it a lot so far. Just the right level of guidance, helpful and still gives you a lot of freedom to explore and learn for yourself. Maya Farber Brodsky I think the instant feedback right there in the git push is really cool. Didn't even know that was possible! Patrick Burris Never in my life have I needed something so much and not known until I received it. lacronicus "Build your own Git/Docker/etc.". Nice. Samruris Enjoying programming all over again. It's been a while since I wrote Rust, but getting a good hang of it. Pranjal Paliwal I spent a full day on your Docker building course and ended up building the whole thing myself. As a SRE (and mostly a user of docker), digging into the internals blew me away. Raghav Dua

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