• I've started the Docker challenge, enjoying it a lot so far. Just the right level of guidance, helpful and still gives you a lot of freedom to explore and learn for yourself.

    Maya Farber Brodsky's photo
    Maya Farber Brodsky
    Participant, Recurse Center
  • These guys ruined my weekend

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    Djordje Lukic
    Staff Software Engineer, Docker
  • The Redis challenge was a great way to procrastinate sleeping for a week! A good change of pace from my regular work, and allowed me to explore some cool tech. I'll be back for more.

    Rahul Tarak (Modfy.video)'s photo
    Rahul Tarak (Modfy.video)
    Fellow, Pioneer.app & ODX1
  • My favorite way to master a language.

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    Pranjal Paliwal
    $35k winner of HackAtom, Cosmos
  • The Docker challenge helped me dive into its internals, through *actual* practice. Super fun.

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    Kang Ming Tay
    Software Engineer, Supabase
  • There are few sites I like as much that have a step by step guide. The real-time feedback is so good, it's creepy!

    Ananthalakshmi Sankar's photo
    Ananthalakshmi Sankar
    Automation Engineer, Apple
  • Found out from a colleague. It has you build your own version of things like Git and Docker from scratch. A cool way to build a stronger mental model of how those tools work.

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    Beyang Liu
    Chief Technology Officer, SourceGraph
  • I spent a full day on your Docker building course and ended up building the whole thing myself. As a SRE (and mostly a user of docker), digging into the internals blew me away.

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    Raghav Dua
    Site Reliability Engineer, Coinbase
  • I'm learning about how Redis works under the hood, system calls, socket programming in Python — something I've never done before

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    Akshata Mohan
    Senior Data Scientist, Cloudflare
  • I was really impressed that they support Haskell, and will probably use this to learn Rust! The git-based workflow is :chefkiss:

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    Jonathan Lorimer
    Lead Software Engineer, Mercury Bank
  • The Redis challenge was extremely fun. I ended up having to read Redis protocol specification doc pretty carefully in its entirety! The result felt like lightly-guided independent study, if that makes sense. (Which, again, was lots of fun)

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    Charles Guo
    Engineer on Scala Team, Stripe
  • The instant feedback right there in the git push is really cool. Didn't even know that was possible!

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    Patrick Burris
    Senior Software Developer, CenturyLink

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