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When will I receive my early access invite?

We’re intentionally sending out invites slowly, so that we can work on feedback early before the next invites hit. The maximum delay we expect here is 1 month, not more.

If a friend of yours received an invite earlier than you did and you want to take part in early access trials with them, you can write to us and we’ll fast-track your invite.

Why does my early access invite expire?

We set an expiry date on early access invites because we’d like to be able to predict how many people will join the community, to plan early access trials accordingly.

If your invite expired and you’d still like to be part of the early access program, please write to us.

What is an early access trial?

In early access trials, groups of 5-10 people attempt an upcoming challenge over a period of 2 weeks. We schedule these on our Discord server, which you’ll gain access to once you get an early access invite.

We use these trials to gain early feedback and iterate on challenges.

When CodeCrafters launches, no participation data from these trials will be retained - we’ll start from a clean slate.

Where is my swag?

We hand out T-shirts to the first 10 people to complete a challenge, and stickers to the first 100.

If you’ve participated in an early access trial and completed the challenge, you’ll receive a message on Discord asking for your mailing address and T-shirt size preference. If this hasn’t happened, please let us know.

What languages can I use?

As of now:

We’re always looking to add support for more languages. If you’re part of Early Access, let us know what language you’d like added on our Discord server - and we’ll try our best to support it in the next early access trial!

Where is my profile page?

If you’ve completed one or more challenges, you’ll find your profile page at https://codecrafters.io/users/<your_github_username>.

Profile pages might take upto 24 hours to sync. If you’ve completed a challenge recently and don’t see your profile page yet, check back in 24 hours.