Early Access Program

Hi there, I’m Paul.

CodeCrafters is currently under active development, but the core challenge experience is ready and we’re looking for early users who are brave enough to try it out.

We’ve got three challenges lined up for testing:

4 more challenges will be added to Early Access in December 2021.

The kind of person we’re looking for:

  • Is interested in Build Your Own X tutorials
  • Is an experienced programmer
  • Despises traditional algorithmic coding questions
  • Can spend 1-2 hours a week trying out challenges

What you’ll get:

  • Free access to new challenges, and new languages for released challenges
  • A codecrafters profile page, like this one.
  • Access to a helpful community (500+ users and growing)
  • A chance to vote on which challenges we’ll work on next
  • Updates on CodeCrafters development activity
  • A bunch of CodeCrafters swag (T-shirts, stickers and more)

Sounds like your cup of tea?

We’d love to have you on-board.

The Redis challenge was extremely fun. I ended up having to read the Redis Protocol specification doc pretty carefully in its entirety! The result felt like lightly-guided independent study, if that makes sense. (Which, again, was lots of fun)
Found out about CodeCrafters from a colleague. It's a tutorial site that has you build your own version of things like Git and Docker from scratch. Seems like a cool way to build a stronger mental model of how those tools work.
Huge fan of "build your own x". Really glad there's a nicely polished challenge site for them. Definitely going to recommend to others!
I've started the Docker challenge, enjoying it a lot so far. Just the right level of guidance, helpful and still gives you a lot of freedom to explore and learn for yourself.
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