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CodeCrafters is a community of practice for seasoned programmers. Hone your craft through advanced programming challenges where you build tools like Git, Redis and Docker from scratch.

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"What I cannot create,
I do not understand"

- Richard Feynman

How CodeCrafters Works

Learning on CodeCrafters is quite different from other programming websites. Here's how it works.

Learn by building
In our challenges, you'll learn about everyday programming tools by building them from scratch.

Knowing how something works under the hood is a very effective way to learn!
Interactive feedback
Our courses are broken down into byte-sized lessons, each with its own comprehensive test suite.

Receive helpful feedback as you progress through lessons.
Work on your machine
Not a fan of online code editors? We've got you covered!

Download code and work in the comfort of your own editor. Submit with a Git push when you're ready. Test results are streamed directly to your terminal.

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